As we continue to work on a strategy that will relaunch the Yorkshire Coast once it is safe to do so, we knew that we must immediately invest in support to help our businesses to continue to trade in the current climate. 

A new tool to help you trade

A new tool to help you trade

Our new partnership with is launching across the Yorkshire Coast this week and will provide businesses with an easy opportunity to sell their goods online without the need for costly e-commerce websites and the hassle of arranging your deliveries

It’s quick and straightforward to set up – plus as a levy payer, we are funding the cost of subscription which is £240 per year which started from April 2020.

A number of you have already signed up with new vendors joining the site every day, check out the businesses who are already benefiting from additional sales and championing the “Buy Local” message in your area here:

You can contact the Yorkshire Coast ShopAppy Team by clicking the Register Now button below!

If you don’t have a website or have one without e-commerce, you can quickly and easily start selling your products online.

You can take orders much more efficiently than email, phone or social media.

If you are already selling through your website, we can link this to your listing, and will benefit from the extra online traffic as businesses will be cross-promoting the site.

We’ve partnered with local taxi firms to provide delivery in your areas, the cost of which is paid for by the customer, meaning less hassle for you.

There’s no commission on sales
People can buy products, online activities/events, or ‘buy now, enjoy later’ voucher if you are unable to trade at the moment, so you don’t miss out on people looking to purchase gifts for birthdays/anniversaries/special occasions.
You can speak directly to customers, by adding items as ‘ring to order’ (to arrange postage etc.)
We will be promoting this to residents across multiple platforms to encourage them to shop local, and we will include features on businesses already trading on the site.
We want to help safeguard the character and uniqueness of our local places and keep our local economies going. If you know any other businesses who you think would benefit which are not levy payers, they too can start using the ShopAppy site for free for three months as part of the site’s COVID-19 response.
Contact us direct by clicking on the Register Now button below.

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