Following the appointment of the Board of Directors, the Yorkshire Coast BID is launching this August with open communication at the heart of its strategy.

The BID Board first met a couple of weeks ago but delayed announcing their appointments to provide them with the time to review how the BID was developed and the feedback that we have received from businesses over the last 6 months.

Mark Miller, your Whitby Board Director commented: “It was important for us to understand what has happened over the last 18 months and like others, I had concerns, but I can reassure businesses that everything has been done correctly. The BID is here now and it is all of our responsibility as business owners to make the BID a success”.

To enable the BID to operate transparently, we asked the Board to approve changes to policies such as the Member Company and agree to publish Board minutes so businesses could be active participates and understand how decisions are made. The Board unanimously agreed to the suggestions put forward and you will now find an updated Member Form ready to view which you can complete either online or download the PDF version and post back to us.

Rudi Barman, your Scarborough Board Director commented: “Open communication and transparency is key. We decided unanimously to change the Company Member Rules to show that we are listening and ready to drive the BID forward in a way that fits with businesses need”.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be making a series of announcements setting out the Year 1 strategy and giving you the opportunity to provide feedback on specific projects.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

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